Leverage the potential of NextGen Video Collaboration

A wide range of features for simple, yet confidential collaboration


Take advantage of our NextGen collaboration technology

Show any document or application during your secure meetings, transfer files, save your meetings: it’s as easy as a simple mouse click!

Experience the real-life interactions
in your Digital Workplace

Display any document, application or your entire desktop on your collaborators screen

Take advantage of an efficient, smooth
and ultra reactive sharing even
on smartphone and tablet

Boost efficiency by giving
remote control to other participants

Exchange your files in single click.
End-to-end encrypted transfer without
any server-side storage.

Record your meeting, watch it, share it!

Stream your meetings online
without any audience limitation
using the LiveStreaming option

Keep control of your meetings with
a simple and efficient rights management

Instantly communicate
with the secure chat

Send messages to your contacts
with the integrated messaging

Stay responsive by inviting your online contacts to an instant meeting

Easily and quickly schedule meetings
with the possibility of scheduled recurrence

Save time with the automatic mailing
of your invitations

Smart multiscreen display and telepresence

All Tixeo offers include smart multiscreen display.

Tixeo innovates with its smart multiscreen display and offers its users a true immersive telepresence experience.

From a meeting room or in front of a PC connected to several screens, the organizer can with a simple click choose the number of monitors on which he wants to display the Tixeo client. The participants’ videos are distributed and enlarged in high resolution (1080p) on the selected screens, thus reinforcing the feeling of reality and proximity.

Forget the technique and focus on the essential: your meeting.

To offer an even stronger immersive experience, Tixeo is based on its exclusive SVC on Demand technology that will maximize the quality of each video (HD-1080p) regardless of the number of screens connected.