Secure video conferencing

Thanks to its end-to-end encryption of audio, video and data streams, Tixeo’s European technology guarantees the privacy of your meetings.

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Performance & quality

With an Ultra HD video and a crystal-clear sound, enjoy a unique multipoint communication experience, regardless of network conditions.

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NextGen collaboration

Discover a new way of teamworking
with screen sharing,
document transfer or recording
of your meeting.

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Set up meetings from
your smartphone, computer or meeting room. Enjoy compatibility with SIP or H. 323 hardware.

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They trust us

Videoconferencing Security: Download the White Paper

Remote team meetings, teleworking, virtualization of workspaces: given the increasing use of videoconferencing, how can the confidentiality of audio, video and data communications be ensured?

This white paper provides an overview of security in the video conferencing and video collaboration domains, and details the security mechanisms developed by Tixeo for its video conferencing solutions.

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